Airkey AK2TX4 Gate Remote Control - Remote Copycat Perth

Airkey AK2TX4 Gate Remote Control


The AK2TX4 remote control is the highest security general remote control system available today. This system is aimed at general remote control applications which up until now have been hopelessly lacking in any intrinsic security whatsoever.

Until now all other general remote control transmitters by their nature can be easily reprogrammed to match any other transmitter made by the same manufacturer. This is unavoidable as these remote control transmitters have their code set via user adjustable miniature switches. This means that it is easy to look at the switch setting of someone's remote control and then set the same code on another transmitter made by the same manufacturer. The "copied" transmitter is indistinguishable from the original and will operate just as effectively - without the knowledge of the original owner.

Such a scenario is not possible with the AK2TX4 as each transmitter is electronically factory programmed with a guaranteed unique and non-repeating serial number and encryption code. It is not possible for a transmitter to be duplicated since the transmitter's full serial number cannot be derived from it's transmissions without prior knowledge of it's secret 64 bit encryption key. Since the transmitter utilises a non linear encryption algorithm, this 64 bit encryption key also cannot be derived from any transmission. Thus the only way to duplicate a transmitter is to guess this number. Even if 1000 numbers were chosen at random every second, it would take over 500 million years to look at all 18 million million million combinations