Microlatch – Remote Copycat
SKU: R199


We offer free installation and discounts when purchasing more than one remote.
Individual Wiegand™ output for all channels.
Number of channels,2 (two-button).
Ideal for retrofitting or expanding existing card access systems.
Operating Voltage.12VDC.
Battery Type 12V 27A Alkaline cell x 1.
Operating Frequency 433.92MHz SAW Resonator Locked (+/- 74KHz)(Long Range).
Transmission Modulation AM ASK
Transmission Security Keeloq™ Code Hopping Technology
Wiegand™ Encoding 26 bit Wiegand™ User ID embedded within Keeloq™ Data (Encrypted).
RF Range 90m typical (Environment dependant).
Operating temperature range -10 C to 50 C.
C-Tick, CE Approvals.